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How can Therapies offered by Jessica

Learn the cause and possible solution for Chronic Fatigue, Digestive discomfort, weight gain, insomnia depression, anxiety, joint and muscle pain, autoimmune issues, thyroid dysfunction and or adrenal exhaustion, bacteria, fungus, allergies, food intolerances, hormonal and or menopausal issues, gut bacteria, tinnitus, Lyme, Epstein Barr viruses.


This is a self directed  comprehensive evaluation  of your body’s major stressed areas.  Learn how to improve your health and make informed decisions for your physical, emotional spiritual health. 


Several sessions are recommended to balance and align your body’s energy with a plan of action. Biofeedback can provide possible solutions with food choices, nutritional supplements, crystals, oils, homeopathic remedies, affirmations, flower essences, orienta herbs, acupuncture points, chakra and aura balancing, Track your improvement with each subsequent visit- at your own pace- the previous report os compared to a new visit. Important areas are followed anf tracked. Your digestive function, vertebrae, hormone and endocrine function, emotions, supplements, allergy issues, enzyme functions, malabsorbtion issues, chronic fatigue, and many more. You will get some practical natural things you can do to improve and maintain you own body and health.  

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